Notable Cases



$400,000 – Slip and Fall at a major Southern California grocery chain resulting in serious personal injury to the knee and requiring two surgeries.

$700,000 – Collapsing bench causing severe back injury and requiring surgery.

$1,375,000 – Medical malpractice/wrongful death case

$6,463,336.87 – Judgment against Ponzi scheme operator.  Over $500,000 recovered in settlement of claims against parties receiving phantom or fictitious profits from the scheme.

$250,000 (Policy Limit) – Auto vs. Motorcycle

$105,000 – Auto vs. Auto

$159,000 – Rear-end Auto vs. Auto collision

$155,000 – Rear-end Auto vs. Auto collision

$150,000 – Auto vs. Pedestrian in commercial parking lot

$210,000 – Auto rear-ended by semi-tractor trailer causing herniated disk with surgery recommendation.

$165,000 – Trip and Fall.  Plaintiff, a senior citizen  suffered a fractured hip after tripping on a child’s high chair protruding into a main aisle way at a restaurant.

Roller Coaster Accidents: confidential Plaintiffs suffered chest injuries and sternum fractures while on a ride at a major Southern California theme park.

$55,000 – Dental Malpractice involving claims of negligent dental implant surgery resulting in mandibular and lingual nerve damage with numbness.

$60,000 – Dental Malpractice involving implant surgery resulting in manidbular nerve damage and numbness. 

Successful Defense CaseMultifaceted dispute (including alleged trade secret misappropriation) between former shareholders in a family business.  On behalf of the defendants, Mr. Lapple obtained judgment for the defense and an award of attorney’s fees and costs of $159,504.40.  In addition, Mr. Lapple obtained a court order forcing the Plaintiff to remove its website from the internet. 

Successful Defense Judgment in Dental Malpractice Case – Mr. Lapple was defending a dentist being sued for alleged malpractice including negligent root canals and crown placement.  After arbitration, judgment was for the defendant dentist on all causes of action.  Plaintiff recovered no monetary damages.

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